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Thank you, and Good Hunting... from Varmint Al

A general purpose transient dynamic finite element program capable of simulating complex real world problems. The very best FEA software available in my opinion.

Relentless 365 California's Premiere Hunting Magazine. Check out my coyote hunting article.

Bethel Harbor is Bethel Island's Finest Full Service Marina.

Simple and accurate ballistic software for comparing loads and optimizing your ammo.

Serving Shooters for over 30 Years. No matter What Your Game, We've Got You Covered. MidSouth Shooters Supply  has the BEST price on the new 17 HMR ammo. Check out their new Varmint Page. I buy all of my 17 HMR ammo from MidSouth.

MidwayUSA A complete source for hunting, shooting, and reloading supplies. They also support the NRA and have an NRA "Round-Up" which helps to protect the Second Amendment. offers a huge selection of Coyote, Fox, Bobcat, and other Predator & Varmint, Game Bird and Game Animal calls from the biggest selection of game call manufacturers on the Internet! They currently offer over 545 different calling related products from 49 manufacturers. More products are added each week!

This is a very entertaining video with lots of action. It is almost like you are on location. There is one running coyote shot that is a Must See. Click on the banner to visit Varmint Safari Site. Be sure to tell them where you saw the ad. Thanks... from Varmint Al

Makers of the finest exotic hardwood & acrylic predator calls. They really work!

bullbery.gif (7581 bytes) Bullberry Barrel Works Ltd. Excellent Barrels and Stock Work for the Contender and Encore.

Buy materials from Online Metals in any quantities/sizes.

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